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Why Choose iSquare Technologies?.

Because, it's the best way available for your superlative IT needs.

Who We Are?

iSquare Technologies is a growing team of creative, strategic, and professional specialists in web design and development industry.

We’ve been in profit since inception and have had massive success through forming long-term client/agency relationships, which has meant that 90% of all iSquare sales have been through referral and/or repeat business.

We’re passionate about effectively communicating your message to your audience, and provide an all round digital and creative service giving you an online package that will complement your other communications channels within a national or international market.

Why Choose Us?

Looking for a web design company you can trust? See if our code of ethics helps determine why you should choose us.

We are constantly looking out for the best interest of our customers — even after the invoice. For example, if we come across an article, report or idea that will help your business — or benefit you in any way — you can expect us to pass it along.
We believe a customer is not an interruption of our workday; it’s the purpose of it.
You can expect the same 110% dedication regardless of project scope or investment size.
We will not compromise quality for quantity — because it’s always more difficult and expensive to correct problems in the future. We will not release “quick and dirty” solutions through our quality assurance standards.
We believe in turning away business if your request is outside our capabilities. Our goal is to deliver solutions profitably for both of us.
[accordion-item title=”Value”]We are probably one of the few truly seasoned professional organization that will guarantee satisfaction and results.
Avoid corporate politics, non-collaborating departments, and “finger pointing”. You will always have one stakeholder at your service — but may converse with any employee or partner at anytime.
We believe in people doing business together, not faceless paper-trailed entities. We will never hide behind a “corporate policy”.
We can help plan and measure the monetary impact (ROI) of our work.
We are not afraid to admit when we make mistakes, nor are we afraid to tell you about your risks.

Our Skills

Web Design 90%
Logo/Graphic Design 75%
PHP Development 95%
Joomla Development 95%
WordPress Development 90%


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